Hello Again

To any remaining readers that I have, I’m sorry I’ve been silent for nearly a year.

I’ve encouraged you to be brave and follow your deepest values even if it means being different from those around you. I was naive.

This past year I faced a large and painful rejection for being different and it was not the glory-making, “Freedom!!” moment I’d imagined. Quite the opposite.

I’ve wanted to write you many times, but I didn’t know how to express that living the authentic life is more difficult than I ever imagined. Yet despite the pain, I believe more deeply than ever that the only life worth living is the authentic one.

One thing is clear, I am not qualified to be your guide. I am fumbling in the dark wishing that someone wiser than me wrote a blog or a book on the topic. If you know of any, let me know.

Until I find that mentor, I am compelled to write about my stumbling experiences, searching for the authentic life lived to the fullest. Maybe we can piece together our collective experiences and find wisdom together.

I am humbled and honored to be your fellow traveler.