Creativity in Family Life: The Possibilities are Endless

Last week we introduced the fourth and last step in the Four Actions Framework: Create.

Creation is the key aspect that makes each Blue Ocean family uniquely attractive and successful so it’s also the perfect place to encourage each other in Blue Ocean building.

Creating something new is also less likely to cause social stress than raising or reducing an element common to most families. An activity uniquely tailored to our own family doesn’t lend itself well to direct comparison, so with it we can build our Blue Oceans with less temptation to slip into the Red Ocean mentality.

It doesn’t mean society will approve of us. We’re still breaking out from the norm, which is always difficult for society to accept, but our creative additions are less of a direct threat to existing standards, and thus slightly easier to tolerate.

There are so many ways families can create without causing any trouble to anyone else. Here are the ideas we came up with together over the week. Thanks for your input!

  • Create family traditions – Family traditions aren’t just fun, they serve an important function in binding the family together (and don’t underestimate the power of wacky!)
  • Support the unique interests of our children – really listen to what they share and provide materials and opportunities for them to blossom
  • Pursue our own interests – we may think personal work is not as valuable as our family responsibilities, yet if we take time for an activity that energizes us we’ll have more to give back to our families and our children will see our model of active engagement and self-initiative
  • Support our spouses in their their interests outside of work
  • Make homemade decorations and clothes; play music together; tend a garden – the things we make together can bless our home, be full of meaning to us and pose no threat or pressure to others to create the same thing
  • Pick and choose ideas from other sources “like flowers from many gardens to make unusual bouquets”
  • Recraft an unquestioned norm, like the yearly vacation. Ask questions like “What’s the main purpose?” “Do we achieve that purpose when we participate?” If not, why not, and what alternative could serve that main purpose better – or is that main purpose something we don’t personally care about? It may turn out that taking a weekend every month to do an activity the kids have been asking to do is more refreshing and builds family togetherness better than a stressful two-week Disney vacation. Note: This idea combines all four actions steps together: eliminate, reduce, raise and create.

Please share your own ideas!

2 thoughts on “Creativity in Family Life: The Possibilities are Endless”

  1. One additional idea for creation (or perhaps re-creation) is to fix things together. It’s often cheaper and less of an effort to chuck broken things and buy replacements, but if it can be fixed, and even more so can be fixed with the kids helping, they can learn a lot about how things work – even if we fail in actually fixing the gadget. I don’t do it often yet, but I hope to get the kids into fixing things more as they grow in ability.

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