Eat That Frog: Why Action Beats Organization

Oh dear. The perfectionist in me does not want to post this at all (I know from your comments you understand!), but I promised to post bi-weekly and this week it’s all about doing and finishing the work we have to do, so here I am, sacrificing a bit of my ego to make some small progress toward a dream . . .

In the video I talk about why all our organizing efforts are in vain if we fail to do the work before us.  I encourage you to face the ugly task you’ve been avoiding and make progress on it.

An ugly task can be anything but you’re the only one who knows that it is.  It could be as simple as laundry or cleaning the toilet, or it could be setting aside the to-do list and spending some quality time with your kids.  It could also be taking a nap so you have the energy to do the hard task you’ve been avoiding.

Whatever it is, go and do it!  This is as much for me as for you all.  This week I’ve been discouraged and tired and have NOT been getting up early like I say in the video. I don’t have it all figured out, I’m just better than I was and that gives me hope.

When you do your hard task, please comment below!  Yes, do it first – right now!  You’ll be so happy you did.

7 thoughts on “Eat That Frog: Why Action Beats Organization”

  1. Janet, I actually meant to post the same afternoon but it turned into such a great day I got all caught up in it. (Take heart.) 🙂 We didn’t eat any big frogs, but the small ones were highly satisfying. 😉 I washed a bunch of dishes by hand that, if not for your post, would probably still be sitting there making me miserable right now! Yes, I LOATHE dishes, particularly awkward-shaped ones that I rinse and ignore. It took every bit as long as I thought, and longer, but it got done! I also made the kids eat their frogs: they both got all their homework done so the weekend would be free! Their outdoor playing was far sweeter than usual (I think they knew they’d earned it), and I enjoyed prepping dinner to the sounds of their play at an open window that is usually blocked by dishes. Yay!

    1. I would say the dishes were the big frog for you at the moment, and the homework was for the girls, too! Don’t short-change yourselves!

      Congratulations! I lOVE the snowball effect. And your comment went through without getting caught in spam so hopefully the website has finally learned that you’re a real person. lol

  2. What a great story, Sarah. I agree those were all big frogs. I’m thinking that a “big frog” may be whatever stands in the way of, or makes less enjoyable, the rest of what we want to do.

    It took me a while to figure out my current personal big frog. I mean, there are many, and some are less important than others, but my non-critical frog of organizing a particular set of files on my computer has — I finally discovered — has been a bottleneck for all sorts of more important work. So that’s what I’m tackling — not done yet, but progress made for the first time in months.

    1. There’s a bit of an art to finding the right frog for the right time, but don’t let your perfectionism get in the way. Celebrate your successes and more clarity will come with time.

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