Little More Than A Vision

Picture two oceans. One is teeming with angry red waves. The other is a vast and peaceful blue. In my vision the Red Ocean represents the competitive and cut-throat world of parenting. It represents all that is nasty about the Mommy Wars. It’s where worn-out parents struggle to keep their heads above (the red) water and constantly worry if they are doing enough for their kids. It’s where everyone is striving to be Super Mom, but it’s not possible, so desperate parents turn and tear down a mom who looks like Super Mom instead.

Now picture the Blue Ocean. This peaceful haven is a place where just one family swims and where each family member can thrive. They have room and laughter, and time to explore and expand. They threaten no one because they chose to leave the Red Ocean and carve out space to make their very own Blue Ocean.

The best thing is, there isn’t just one Blue Ocean for one special family. There isn’t just a hundred Blue Oceans for the elite. Every family can choose to create a Blue Ocean and leave the Red Ocean behind forever.

How do you create a Blue Ocean – a unique family culture – where each member has the freedom to thrive AND where success helps others rather than threatens them?

That’s the question I want to explore in this blog. It’s little more than a vision now, but if you find the idea intriguing, then please join me on my journey!

Next Up: The four basic elements required to create a Blue Ocean for your family. They are deceptively simple!

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