4 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Let Go”

  1. I love when you vlog, your voice is so calming! Funnily enough, we are attacking personal hygiene as our next habit- automatic hand washing when coming in from outdoors being the goal.

    Have you noticed this to be so much easier with bigger kids to set the example? Goals that I thought impossible for 2-3 year olds before, James is doing simply because he is imitating older siblings. It’s funny to think Eliot (10) and James (2) began clearing their dishes after meals and saying please and thank you with solid regularity… in the same month. lol. Like you, my energy was devoted more to surviving when Eliot and Ivy were those ages, and that’s ok. I have the time and energy now to work with James in ways I didn’t with E and I, and adding in the example of 3 older siblings following a given habit makes it so easy for James to learn! *large family benefits*

    I think this relates to your post on discouragement from last week. Those people who discouraged you from abandoning hygiene, those that love you, did it out of heart-felt concern. But only YOU could truly weigh the importance of where to place your limited energy- enforcing hygiene rules, or enforcing sidewalk rules. Obviously, you made the right choice for your family’s immediate safety, everyone survived without catching the plague, and now your energy is freed up for other pursuits. There are so many *good* things to teach our kids, it’s ok when our priorities don’t fit into another person’s timeline.

  2. I love the Large Family Benefits! Little children want nothing more than to be able to do what the older people in their family do. It does put a lot of pressure on “getting it right” with the firstborn, knowing that he will surely influence the others as they come along. But your examples are a wonderful reassurance that you don’t have to get it perfect all at once — even if you could know then what you might consider perfect now.

    1. Yes, I think we can’t talk about the “right” time to do anything. Certainly the earlier you work on something the sooner you benefit, but it usually is harder to train a younger child, or at least it takes more vigilance, and we all have limited resources and energy! So if it is true that the sooner the better then it is equally true that it is never too late!

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