Liberating Truths: Free Yourself From Your Limiting Beliefs!


Did you brainstorm your limiting beliefs about your family?

If you didn’t, you’re not alone. It turns out it’s been on my list of things to do for a month and when blogging the idea finally forced me to sit down and do it I realized how scared I was of the exercise.

I was afraid that some of my thoughts about my family would turn out to be true.

I was afraid I’d discover I’m a bad mother and wife because sometimes I have some pretty terrible thoughts about my family.

But when I actually sat down and forced the first few thoughts on paper they no longer seemed so ugly. Seeing those thoughts in black and white helped me see how ridiculous they were – or at least that they were exaggerated.

My Limiting Beliefs

I wrote everything that came to mind as a shadow of a doubt. I don’t think this way all the time about my family, but sometimes these thoughts do haunt me (and I’m not sharing the worst).

  • My kids are spoiled.
  • I don’t know how to teach. My oldest taught himself everything and doesn’t like learning from me.
  • My kids can’t learn what I don’t know myself.
  • I’m poorly educated.
  • Kids are a burden – they keep me from work I care about.
  • My kids don’t care about the things I care about.

If I think this way, why do I homeschoool?!?

Time to replace our limiting beliefs with liberating truths!

Take a moment to think of just one limiting belief you have about your family.

Got it?

Good, now let’s make a liberating truth to replace it. Here are some examples to get your creative and liberating juices flowing.

  • My kids are spoiled.  Growing up in relative abundance, our children will have to work harder to develop gratitude and selflessness.
  • My oldest doesn’t like learning from me.  My oldest enjoys learning from me if I am sensitive to his needs and don’t force it.
  • I’m poorly educated.  I can learn anything I need to.
  • Kids keep me from doing work I care about.  There is nothing I’d rather be doing than sharing the exciting world with my bright and beautiful kids.

Here’s an example from the brave reader who commented last week with her limiting beliefs.

I don’t have time to facilitate project time well.

I have all the time, resources, and knowledge I need to get started with a simple version of project time.


I have enough time to be still and observe my kids for a few moments and write down one idea that comes to mind of how to support them.


Facilitating project time isn’t exhausting because I’m not the one in charge!

Since it’s not my own limiting belief, I don’t know exactly where the hang-up lies so my ideas may not be truth and they may not be liberating.

Only you know which liberating truth gets to the heart of the issue.

Remember the limiting belief you came up with as the start of this post?

Really ask yourself what you’re afraid of and how you could re-frame your thinking to help you move forward.

Have you thought about it?

Good! Now don’t forget it and go change your life!

Right. It’s not that easy to replace long-ingrained ideas. Next week we’ll learn how to make our new liberating truth part of who we are with very little effort.

Share your liberating truth in a comment or write it down somewhere else so we can use it in next week’s exercise.

3 thoughts on “Liberating Truths: Free Yourself From Your Limiting Beliefs!”

  1. I like your first option for project time. Another truth to combat the limiting belief is to tell myself, “It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.” Project time, while ideally it’s every week, can also be once a week, or twice a week.

    I really, really like your reflection on “My children are spoiled.” I grapple with this one too.

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