Value Proposition

Why Blue Ocean Families?

Believe it or not, I still wrestle with this question.

As part of my struggle to define what it’s about, I’ve developed a “value proposition” designed to help the casual viewer get an idea of what Blue Ocean Families is about.

Current version:

Blue Ocean Families

Family life. Tailor Fit.


Proposed new version:

Blue Ocean Families

We see parents as leaders and children as capable.
We help parents with vision build a family culture aligned with their deepest values, one step at a time.

Your opinion is valued! What do you think?

Does it capture the value you see in Blue Ocean Families blog? Does it excite you to learn more? Is something missing?

Thanks for your help and your honest opinion!

5 thoughts on “Value Proposition”

  1. What about strengthening the opening to just state “Parents are leaders. Children are capable.” More like the catchy original statement.
    I love the idea of building a family culture. That’s a concept I’ve not put into those terms before but it helps clarify my goals. Thanks for this blog-it gives me a lot to think about, I read all the archives in a weekend!

  2. I like it. A lot. While less concise than your current version, I think it captures the idea better — or at least what I perceive as the idea. I especially like the “we see children as capable” point, of course.

  3. I like the first one. Maybe I’m just simple-minded. But it seems to leave more room for personal interpretation, and that’s an important part of BOF’s appeal to me.

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